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What's this book about?


On the evening that Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States, Canada’s immigration website crashed because so many people, especially Americans, were researching moving to Canada.  Yet despite all of this, only relatively few Americans actually moved to Canada because of Donald Trump.  

I Actually Did It! is the story of an American, a New Yorker, who spent the years after the 2016 election researching and undertaking the surprisingly difficult and complex process of emigrating to Canada.  In November 2019, three years after my journey began on that fateful night, I finally became Canadian.  

I Actually Did It! is an honest report back to Americans about the path that was considered - but not taken - by so many Americans.  This book is the story of my journey.  It is a story that includes:

1)  An honest description of what the journey to become Canadian was really like (hint: not easy)

2)  A memoir of the personal reasons why I think I went through with becoming Canadian while most                         Americans didn’t


3)  A how-to-book on how to begin the process of emigrating to Canada


4)  Humorous and insightful stories and musings on being an American living among Canadians

5)  My own analyses explaining why the United States may be headed for significant trouble even if            Trump is defeated in 2020 (and obviously for worse trouble if he wins)

6)  A comparison of American vs. Canadian history and culture, and how these countries are more                               different than many people realize

7)  Fun and informative to read



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