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My StoRY
I was born in Manhattan and lived my entire life in New York.  Right after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, I started researching the possibility of emigrating to Canada. I had plenty of company, because so many Americans flooded the Canadian immigration website that it crashed. But of all these people, very few actually followed through. I dedicated the next three years to becoming an official Canadian, and finally became one in November 2019.
My journey to become Canadian was surprisingly difficult, challenging, and at times downright bizarre.  For example, I had to take a three hour test on my ability to speak English. My application process was blocked for months by the Canadian government because I have nipples (yes, you read that correctly). 
And this is only the beginning of my story.  In this book I want to tell you what my immigration process, and Canada itself, is like.  Especially given what is going on in the USA now.
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